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If you love this industry,
Then it‘s not just a job!

There are such a group of people who are willing to sway their full energy here, are willing to pin their good dreams on their careers here, are willing to forget the passing of time and incorporate their passion for life here. There is no dull communication, no cooperation beyond patience, no imagination to lose freedom, no insurmountable barriers; some are unspoken, relaxed and harmonious; some are indulgent, rich and contented。

Interested parties can submit resume tojohn@dh-kc.com
business manager
five years
Job responsibilities:
1. Formulate department work plans and task indicators based on sales goals;
2. Regularly check and analyze the market environment and business activities, and adjust sales strategies and plans in a timely manner;
3. Establish and manage the sales team and lead the sales team to complete the performance indicators issued by the company;
4. Supervise and inspect the implementation of the sales plan of the team, and put forward effective guidance and improvement measures;
6. Discover and solve problems encountered in the work of the department, and regularly provide relevant training to sales staff.
1. Marketing, online marketing, college degree or above;
2. More than three years of sales team management experience, strong market perception ability, and the ability to grasp market dynamics and market direction keenly;
3. Strong organizational coordination ability, execution ability, market development ability and excellent negotiation ability;
4. Strong sense of purpose, courage to challenge, proactive work, and strong pressure resistance;
5. Screw machine, soldering machine, glue dispenser, BGA rework station, assembly line, elevator, and sales experience of automatic equipment for turnover car are preferred
Project manager (non-sales)
4 Years
1, 2 years of software project management experience, with relevant project management skills and knowledge, and familiar with the multi-project management work mode;
2. Have strong demand analysis and guidance ability, accurately grasp customer needs, analyze customer needs, and guide customer needs;
3. Clear thinking, strong sense of responsibility, strong execution, strong work pressure resistance, and cheerful personality. Strong team awareness, ability to express words, effective communication and excellent coordination skills, and strong ability to analyze and solve problems;
4. Have an in-depth understanding of the Internet and be familiar with Internet web products;
5. Skilled in using various office software and other technologies;
6. Have follow-up experience in related industry projects such as Internet companies / advertising companies, computer major is preferred
Senior Website Designer
2 Years
1. Responsible for the designer‘s work arrangements (accept, assign, supervise);
2. Assist in formulating and reviewing the designer‘s monthly work plan and summary;
3. Responsible for tracking and supervising the project time, drafting and output of the designer;
4. Responsible for participating in important project start-up, discussion and proposal meetings of customers;
5. Participate in important planning and discussion meetings of the company‘s internal projects;
6. Participate in the planning and proposal of bidding projects or large-scale projects;
7. Assist the design director in design skills and knowledge training for designers;
8. Pay attention to the designer‘s thought trends, observe, discover, communicate and solve, and report to the design director in a timely manner;
9. Actively complete other tasks assigned by the company.
ASP.NET programmer
1 Year
1. Skilled in asp.net 4.0 (c #), skilled in using three-tier (multi-layer) architecture development model
2. Familiar with mssql server 2008 or above, familiar with mysql, nosql or other databases is preferred;
3. Understanding WebApi, Redis is preferred
4. Can complete the asp.net website project independently, familiar with CMS website construction is preferred;
5. Will use javascript, jquery, div, css;
6. Have experience in completing asp.net website project independently;
7. Good analysis and problem solving skills, good team spirit, and ability to work under pressure;