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Making Miniaturization Possible with Advanced Electronics Assembly

Time:2021-09-14 Views:6783
What is Miniaturization?

Miniaturization in electronic devices involves installing multiple transistor nodes.into a smaller integrated circuit (IC). The IC is then interconnected within its own
system or device designed so that, once assembled, the system can perform desired function. Technology becomes smaller but more powerful.

Additionally, the miniaturization of the device aligns with Gordon Moore‘s 1965 prediction.that "accumulating more components in integrated circuits [would] lead
to that wonders such as home computers, automatic controls for cars and personnel portable communication equipment. His prediction turned out to be true, us-
hering in an era of technology that would range from laptops, smartphones and new Internet of Things including medical devices and 5G wireless devices such as
AR / VR and AI, all enabled by smaller but more powerful computer systems.

Dreaming of these miniature technologies is one thing: manufacturing the process is anything but. Electronics manufacturers constantly innovate for overcome the
challenges of the smallest and most powerful interconnection electronic components.

Miniaturization will change the world. But the new advanced production processes,such as the assembly of advanced electronics, are required to meet the challenges
and adopt the promises of miniaturization.

Whether we are developing the next system on a chip or connecting it to a new device,advanced Electronic Assembly is the masterful combination of knowledge, prec-
ision and innovative processes that make the devices dreamed of by our customers in a studio go into mass production and worldwide distribution.