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Universal X-ray counting system DHKC-S1100


❋ Which can count 7-17 inch JEDEC Tray/IC jedec tray/ic and tape, reel and so on.

❋ Place four 7-inch material trays or one 17-inch material tray at the same time

❋ Artificial intelligence algorithm cloud service docking with customer system

 Manual loading and unloading operations.

❋ Supports docking with ERP, MES and WMS systems

❋ Calculate four 7-inch material trays at once or one 13 to 17-inch material tray at the same time
    Xray counting system DHKC-S1100


    Widely used for quickly counting of reel materials in the SMT industry, counting all items of materials such as 7-17 inches
    LED reel, ic tray and other regular components and moisture-sensitive packages. The material types include all resistance
    and capacitance materials and can realize inventory data information and customer MES system docked.

    Functions and advantages
    Power supply 110~220V 10A  50-60HZ
    Rated power appro 1000W
    Label printing Automatically print with industrial using
    The smallest components 01005
    Controlling system Win 10 64-bit
    Light tubes Totallu sealed microfocus xray source
    Phototube voltage 90~130KV
    Phototube currency 0~1500μA
    Xray input power 100W
    Tray height  4~85mm (sensor ≥ 4mm)
    Pixel pitch 150μm
    Image size 433mm*435mm
    Spatial resolution 5lp/mm
    Tablet type Amorphous silicon flat panel detector
    AD conversion digits 16-bit
    Monitor screen  24 inches
    Working platform  405*405mm
    Platform carrying  11 kg
    Maximum detection size of material tray 17 inches
    materials detected/countted  more than 99.6%
    Counting time 3~8s
    Accuracy 99.999%
    Barcode scanning Automatic 1D and 2D barcode scanning
    Alarm mode Audible alarm
    Dimension L820mm×W1300mm×H2210mm
    Weight 800kg

    Product accessories

    ① Microfocus X-ray source

    Japan‘s Hamamatsu X-RAY light tube has a life span of up to 15000H, 130KV phototube is more commonly
    used in general-purpose xray equipment, providing it with 5~150um accuracy.

    ② Digital HD xray flat panel detector (FPD)

    It is an X-ray camera (x-ray imaging device) used in digital radiography. In a digital camera, a CCD or CMS sensor receives
    visible light formed through the lens and converts it into a photograph. On the other hand, the X-ray FPD converts the X-rays
    that pass through the object to be imaged into electrical signals and creates radiography.

    ①Real-time image acquisition
    ②Real-time image correction to provide high-quality images
    ③ Passive cooling device
    ④Built-in temperature sensor can display the working temperature in real time
    ⑤ A variety of different gain gear PGA + BINNING combined working mode

    X-Ray security
    1. Safety standard: radiation leakage dose <1µSv/h.

    2. Shell material protection, the equipment adopts steel-lead-steel structure, and the front door window uses
    leaded glass that protects against radiation.

    3. Safety interlock function, limit switches are set at the door opening position. When the door is opened, the
    radiation source will automatically power off.

    4. Use status indicator lights to indicate the working status of the ray source.

    5. The equipment has obtained the "Radioisotope and Ray Device Exemption Registration"

    Technical Paramter



    X-ray light pipe type


    Spatial resolution


    Light tube voltage

    90KV(optional 100、130KV)

    light tube current



    Geometry magnification 200, system magnification 1000X

    Digital Flat Panel Detector Resolution


    Digital Flat Panel Detector Density Values

    14bit (16348)

    Image speed


    Stage size


    scope of Detection


    Machine size

    1350*1100*1780mm (L*W*H)

    Machine weight


    Operating system

    WINDOWS 10


    AC110-220V50-60HZ 1200W

    Radiation Safety Testing

    <1 uSV/H

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