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Holiday for Chinese New Year in 2023

Time:2023-01-11 Views:369
Dear customers,

At the arrival of the Spring Festival in 2023, thank you for your trust and support to Dinghua all the time. At the same time,
we hope that we can continue to receive your attention and support in the new year, and our company will continue to provide
you with better services as always! According to the relevant national regulations and the actual situation of the company, it is
decided that the Spring Festival holiday in 2023 will be arranged as follows:
Holiday for Chinese  New Year
Holiday time: from January 12, 2023 (Thursday, the 21st lunar month) to January 28, 2023 (Saturday, the seventh day of the first lunar month),
a total of 17 days, January 29 (Sunday, the eighth day of the first lunar month) officially started!
On the occasion of this festival, all employees of Dinghua pay a farewell to all new and old customers and all employees of the company in advance!
I wish you all a happy new year! profits pouring in from all sides! Business is booming!