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Changlong company using BGA machine case

Time:2019-07-16 Views:759
Shenzhen Changlong Railway Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen on February 4, 1985.The company‘s business scope
includes the sale of railway traffic shunting communication signal equipment and electronic metering equipment.

With the rapid development of science and technology today, all aspects of people’s lives are getting better and better. Because of the continuous
development of science and technology, the application of various science and technology and the availability of science and technology products
have brought people a variety of conveniences and solved the problem. Many original troubles in life make life more and more happier. But all these
technological developments and the popularization of technological products, in addition to the continuous exploration and innovation of scientists,
the continuous upgrading and application of chip packaging, also play a vital role.

Due to its small size, the BGA chip packaging method has very high requirements for solder joints during application. If the solder joints have problems
such as empty soldering or virtual soldering, it will directly cause the BGA package to fail. How to improve the reliability of BGA solder joints requires re-
liable BGA rework station equipment.

The Dinghua series BGA rework station produced by Shenzhen Dinghua Technology Development Co., Ltd. has the advantages of precise temperature
control, simple operation, and high welding success rate. It is also very popular in the military industry and scientific research units. To help them solve
the problem of chip packaging and welding during the development of new products, it has become a popular and practical device.

Shenzhen Changlong Railway Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. has compared various indicators of many BGA rework equipment at home and abroad,
and finally determined that the Dinghua series of BGA rework stations are superior in quality, performance and rework success rate. In 2015, Heding Hua
company reached a cooperation agreement to purchase Dinghua BGA rework station for the welding and disassembly of chip packaging during the new
project development of Shenzhen Changlong Railway Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd., contributing to the successful development of new products of
Shenzhen Changlong Railway Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. Dinghua power.